Halloween 2007 Animatronics

This is a video of the main display for the Hill’s Halloween 2007 haunt. This animatronic display was designed, built, and programmed in one month by Mike Hill with creative work done with Dan Veazey in October 2007. Video was taken between trick-or-treaters, so its a little shaky and poorly produced… The animatronic software/hardware system is of my own design. I did not use any off the shelf components. Each skull was hand animated via a USB joystick with custom software. The way it was animated was I created 5 separate “voice scripts” of the lyrics, and then hand animated each one separately. I didn’t use audio track amplitude to automate the animations, that never looks right… A little time consuming, but it was one of the “one month challenges” I give myself every once and a while.

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