Fun Stuff

A collection of other fun stuff I’ve done.

Halloween 2013 Animatronics

Ascend to HeavenFlies and WaspsOne of the animatronic displays for the 2013 Halloween season. Voice performance was done by Dan Veazey. He also built the stockade and body. I did the hardware, software, soundscape, lighting, sequencing, built the animatronics hardware...

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Halloween 2007 Animatronics

This is a video of the main display for the Hill's Halloween 2007 haunt. This animatronic display was designed, built, and programmed in one month by Mike Hill with creative work done with Dan Veazey in October 2007. Video was taken between trick-or-treaters, so its a...

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The Nomad Project

The NOMAD Project Watch the Offsets, Avoid Obstacles, Go Fast A bit of history of the NOMAD project.   01/30/05 Forward Sonar Array Vectoring Subsystem The Forward Sonar Array Subsystem Vectoring Algorithm has been worked out this morning.  The system accurately...

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