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A left-brain professional who likes to spend his free time on right-brain activities.


New Song: Sunlight

Latest from the production desk. I think there's a theme forming around light...

New song: Shine

Releasing a song to kick off the launch of the new site.

ideFZero “Span” Teaser

ideFZero teaser called "span" from the new Synthesis album - in work. Thought I'd drop something more into the video than a bouncing logo this time.

Song in Progress: How it starts

I was asked how I start writing a music track, so thought I'd post an example. Like all the others, this song starts as an idea I throw into Ableton Live, my digital audio workstation (DAW) of choice. Since I can't really play an instrument, I have to depend on the...

Photo Shoot: Elise 2013

Elise makes a great photo subject. Always ready with a big beautiful smile!

Family Photo Shoot: December 2013

2013 Christmas photo shoot.

Halloween 2013 Animatronics

Ascend to HeavenFlies and WaspsOne of the animatronic displays for the 2013 Halloween season. Voice performance was done by Dan Veazey. He also built the stockade and body. I did the hardware, software, soundscape, lighting, sequencing, built the animatronics hardware...

Halloween 2013: Witches Tea Photo Shoot

Photos I did for Joy's Halloween Witches Tea Party! Fun times!

Graveyard Vineyards: Paso Tombstone Red

A photo shoot for Paso Tombstone Red wine from Graveyard Vineyards.

Bionicle Rap – StopMo Animation

First stop motion video, filmed with a cheap web cam, desk lamps, and Dragon Stop Motion software. Featuring a single Bionicle rapping...
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