Mike Hill Design & Woodcraft

I design and build stuff.


I do a lot of design work. Graphic, Motion, 3D, and other types of design. It's kind of an obsession.


I spend a lot of time making sawdust. Well, as a byproduct of making furniture and other woodcrafts.


I design and manufacture a lot of custom projects, products, and gaming items on CNC routers, lasers and 3d printers.

Mark those conditions!

Looking to simplify tracking of who’s unconscious, poisoned, or incapacitated in your next RPG? Sport my wood and velvet condition markers! Comes in a standard

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Refocusing the website.

Time to refresh the site after another long hiatus. In addition to the body of hobby posts, I’m transitioning the site to support my design

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ideFZero [Span] Teaser

ideFZero teaser called “span” from the new Synthesis album – in work. Thought I’d drop something more into the video than a bouncing logo this

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